UK Prog, Volume 5: 1970a The Hard Stuff

And away we go into the 70s. Honestly, the titles of these volume are afterthoughts, but I think “The Hard Stuff” works on a couple of levels. We’re getting into some of the music that real prog junkies value most highly, for instance, but in a much more real sense, the music is getting more complicated and requiring more skill to play effectively. This volume also explores a bit of the nexus between early prog and early hard rock, something I’ll be devoting an auxiliary volume to later. Download the mix here.

1. Emerson Lake & Palmer: The Barbarian 4:32
2. Curved Air: Vivaldi 7:33
3. T.2.: In Circles 8:38
4. East of Eden: Leaping Beauties for Rudy 7:02
5. Argent: Be Free 3:49
6. Skin Alley: Take Me to Your Leader’s Daughter 8:57
7. Yes: Astral Traveler 5:57
8. Beggar’s Opera: Passacaglia 7:10
9. The Move: Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited 7:42
10. Egg: Fugue in D Minor 2:50
11. Affinity: Three Sisters 5:00
12. Clear Blue Sky: Journey to the Inside of the Sun: a) Sweet Leaf 8:04
13. Titus Groan: Liverpool 6:04

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