U.K. Prog, Volume 8: 1971b Travelers in Space and Time

The second of two volumes covering 1971. Get it here.

1. Gentle Giant: Pantagruel’s Nativity 6:50 
2. Mogul Thrash: Going North, Going West 12:06 
3. UFO: Silver Bird 6:55 
4. Yes: South Side of the Sky 7:58 
5. Gong: Fohat Digs Holes in Space 6:23 
6. McDonald & Giles: Tomorrow’s People - The Children of Today 7:03 
7. Raw Material: Ice Queen 6:46 
8. Indian Summer: From the Film of the Same Name 5:53 
9. Beggar’s Opera: Time Machine 8:09 
10. Accolade: The Spider to the Spy 2:41 
11. Marsupilami: Prelude to the Arena 5:22 
12. Tonton Macoute: Flying South in Winter 6:28 
13. Jade Warrior: Masai Morning (including: Casting of the Bones, the Hunt, a Ritual of Kings) 6:41 

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