U.K. Prog, Volume 11: 1973a The Main Stream

This is the first of two volumes covering 1973.

Download the mix here.

1. Strawbs: Autumn (i) Heroine’s Theme (ii) Deep Summer’s Sleep (iii) The Winter Long 8:26
2. Darryl Way’s Wolf: Two Sisters 4:21
3. Cirkus: Those Were the Days 3:57
4. Roxy Music: A Song For Europe 5:45
5. Home: The Sun’s Revenge 4:01
6. Fantasy: Circus 6:19
7. Carmen: Reprise Finale 3:02
8. Morgan: Fire in the Head 5:01
9. Fruupp: Decision 6:29
10. Riff Raff: You Must Be Joking 7:31
11. Sindelfingen: Three Ladies 8:33
12. Henry Cow: Teenbeat 6:48
13. Man: Back Into the Future 4:04
14. Babe Ruth: The Mexican 5:49
15. Tempest: Upon Tomorrow 6:50

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