Tujiko Noriko: “Tablet For Memory” (Blurred In My Mirror, 2005)

Tujiko Noriko was born in Osaka in 1976, and she’s well-respected in electronic music circles, having made albums for Mego, Tomlab and Room40. Almost every article that gets written about her compares her to other adventurous female artists who sound nothing like her, but I’ll avoid that here and say that her work is too varied to compare her to any one thing.

Blurred In My Mirror was made with Room40 head Lawrence English, whose talent for texture makes him a good collaborator—her tiny vocals sound so fragile as they navigate the surging, liquid soundscape the two cook up on “Tablet For Memory,” which is probably my favorite Noriko recording.

I’m especially fond of the intro, as those guitars begin to bleed together and that bass thump rises out of the murk to get things moving. I also like the way Noriko’s vocal sort of finds its way into the memorable chorus refrain, as though she wasn’t expecting that melody to come out of her mouth.