Eyeless in Gaza: “Where Vivid Bloomed” (Summer Salt, 2006)

Yesterday, I posted “Letters to She,” a track that showed Eyeless in Gaza’s dark, experimental side. Today, something different from the same band. Or, rather, duo: EiG has always been Martyn Bates and Peter Becker. 

This song shows them at their most melodic, but it’s still not arranged like a normal song. Bates’ vocal is accompanied by droning, whooshing, whirling synthesizer and cymbal, but not drums, and there are hints of rhythm in the sequencer parts, but no outright beat. It’s hard to maintain a sense of pulse like that without percussion or some sort of up-front pattern, but his only gives way to that at the very end, after the vocal finishes. 

A couple posts on this Tumblr aren’t going to open up a massive new audience for Eyeless in Gaza (the very positive review I gave Summer Salt/Subway Sun for Pitchfork didn’t either), but I hope somebody finds something to love here—there’s a lot of invention in this music.