cureforbedbugs said: Rushmore: Songs that you did not include on your Pfork Africa 100 list in 2005.

Back when I made that list, I stuck to one simple rule: only pick things that people can actually go out and buy (ie don’t tease people with stuff they’ll never be able to hear). I’m going to stick to that rule here, but there’s a lot more available to buy now, so it’s quite a bit more open now. Also, I’ll stick to funky stuff, because that was the original theme.

1. Gnonnas Pedro: “Dadje Von O Von Non”¬†Available on Analog Africa’s awesome Legends of Benin compilation, this song smokes. It has a fairly conventional drum beat, but the way everything is syncopated across it turns it into a rocket that slingshots you through each verse. Great, in-the-pocket rhythm guitar and call-and-response vocals, too.

2. Ifeanyi Eddie Okwedy & His Maymores Dance Band: “Happy Survival” Available on Strut’s Lagos Jump¬†compilation, this song’s title is awkwardly translated into English, and the connotation is really more along the lines of something like “we’re getting by okay and enjoying life.” Musically, it’s slow, but the cycling guitar parts keep it moving easily. The song has a feel that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten from another piece of music.

3. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo: “Se Tche We Djo Mon” From another Analog Africa comp, The Vodoun Effect, this is one of the sleekest, most propulsive songs Poly-Ryhtmo ever did. If you put an immovable object in front of this groove, it’d keep right on going like nothing was there. You could pick almost anything from this comp, though.

4. The Stormmers: “Love or Money” This is available on Comb & Razor’s Brand New Wayo comp, which covers Nigerian synth-funk and disco from the early 80, a heretofore rather overlooked period. the whole comp is tons of fun, but this six-minute groover is my favorite thing on it. The main synth hook is dynamite.