popcornnoises said: Rushmore songs about boredom

I had started answering this rather diabolical query last night when my power went out. So I went to bed. But I’ll be answering remaining Rushmores all day. Let’s see, songs about boredom. 

1. Stooges: “1969” ”Another year with nothing to do.” That’s all 1969 is to Iggy, just like 1968, apparently. The band turns his sneering boredom into molten despair with an evil Bo Diddley beat and squirming psychedelic guitar.

2. The Ramones: “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue.” Just four lines of lyrics are all the Ramones need to telegraph just how slow life can feel when you’re at an age where you feel like everything should be happening now.

3. Sparks: “Nothing To Do” I think my favorite line in this song is the bit where he wonders how much more twiddling he could do if he had a million thumbs.

4. Peter Gabriel: “Humdrum” this song seems to be not so much about actual boredom as being frustrated or bored with boredom and your own inability to shake it off and engage with the world. Or something like that—the lyrics are pretty abstract, but it’s a great song.