tomewing said: Prog LP covers

There are a lot of fantastic prog album covers—the more Tolkein or Asimov the better, I say.

Paladin: Charge! 

Paladin: Charge! The perfect prog album cover. Roger Dean’s painting promises the spoils of paleo-futuristic war to all who listen.

Still Life: Still Life

Still Life: Still Life Expert use of a gatefold—most Vertigo LPs looked great, but this one takes the gold.

 Hawkwind: Hall of the Mountain Grill

Hawkwind: Hall of the Mountain Grill We set out to explore the universe, and then we crashed in a swamp. Funny how things work out sometimes, innit?

Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother 

Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother No, really. I love this cover. Pink Floyd were feeling boxed in by the space rock and progressive rock tags, so they put a simple picture of a cow on the cover of this album to emphasize their bonds to this world. Plus, I love that cow—she looks so bemused by the photographer.

There are plenty of honorable mentions, and I am thinking of doing a little series on them as I wrap up my UK prog series.