cureforbedbugs said: Rushmore for the genre that you are most embarrassed at your relative lack of knowledge of!

This is a fantastic question. There are a few genres to pick from, I guess. Post-2000 hip-hop that’s not Mike Ladd, while not a genre, is a category that I really wish I knew better, for instance. Disco, metal and country music, too. I think I’m going with post-2000 hip-hop, though, because, really, I ought to know it a lot better than I do, and it’s mostly intertia on my part that’s kept my knowledge of the big-name stuff so thin. So!

1. Big Boi: “Fo Yo Sorrows” (ft. George Clinton, too Short & Sam Chris)” I like Sir Lucious Left Foot quite a bit (the future funk of “Shutterbug” still blows my mind a little), and I love this song. It’s a little like Big Boi inheriting the Mothership and wrapping it around a tree the second he gets around the corner. But no one got hurt, and once the shock wore off, everyone was like “hey, that was pretty awesome.”

2. Beanie Sigel: “The Ghetto” This song is totally devastating. The spoken intro reminds me of Vincent Price intoning on a Michael Jackson single, but it gets so dark and grimy so quickly after that that it feels subversive. Just harrowing.

3. The Coup: “I Love Boosters!” This is sort of opposite in tone to “The Ghetto”—it sounds kind of early 90s, actually, but it’s catchy as hell, and I love the celebration of shoplifting as social protest.

4. Missy Elliott: “One Minute Man” (ft. Ludacris) Man, do I have to explain this? I remember seeing Missy-as-marionette in the video on MTV2 back when this came out and thinking it was brilliant, and for some reason, Ludacris using “balance and rotate all tires” as a metaphor for satisfying sex made a lot of sense.