"But hubris is also compelling. We praise enormous, magisterial novels informed by the classic literary canon. We love huge movies that attempt never-before-accomplished technical feats. In music, though, many fans prize `authenticity` - the gritty allure of the untrained, instinctual rock star - more than they prize virtuosity or ambition. Say what you want about Icarus, but he was making an innovative use of wax and feathers. We`re too hard on the artists who try big things, show off their prowess, and occasionally screw it all up."

-David Weigel unfurling the banner of prog on Slate.

The cast of characters for his series is vanishingly small - your weird favs may not be represented (mine is Czesław Niemen) - but I’m still glad to see the piece, and happy to see the above spelled out. More experienced ears and eyes can spot the holes; I’m possibly more excited to read the responses.

(via the20000)

I have thoughts on this, and will be posting something later this week, when I have time to put it together.

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