oneweekonemix said: Which four Bowie's would you put on your Mt. Rushmore?

Let’s see. I like Bowie, but I don’t revere him like a lot of people, and I tend to focus in pretty hard on certain tracks rather than listening to whole albums. So, I think my Rushmore for Bowie would be something like:

1. “Space Oddity.” Yeah, I know, it’s baby’s first Bowie song, but… I like space. And I like melancholy pop songs. And progressive rock and psychedelia. And “Space Oddity” has all those things. It captures the loneliness and disconnect of drifting around the Earth up there all on your own in miniature, and all of the instrumental breaks are just awesome.

2. “Do Anything You Say.” This is not prime-era Bowie by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a single he recorded for Pye in 1966, and it is fantastic, checking in somewhere between beat and Northern soul. By and large, people don’t really rate anything Bowie did pre-1969, but it might be due for re-assessment.

3. “Golden Years.” I love this song. It’s like Bowie-goes-soul, but it’s so joyfully loopy and off-balance. It might have the best backing vocals ever.

4. “'Heroes." What can I say, I’m a Robert Fripp fan. This song creates such an odd effect. It’s as though it’s reaching for the sky but also anchored to the ground. No matter how hard Bowie stretches for the stars, he’s still on the ground. It’s heartbreaking.

Rounding out the top ten: “Warszawa,” “Let’s Dance,” “Young Americans,” “Sound and Vision,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Boys Keep Swinging.” If collaborations are fair game, swap in “Under Pressure” for that last one.

This is fun. Keep ‘em comin’