natepatrin said: Parliament-Funkadelic.

Oh, man. That is tough. I think I tend to swing more form the Funkadelic side of the P-Funk axis, and I’ll leave out The Parliaments, though I treasure their late-60s records. 

1. “Cosmic Slop.” It has to be this. Gary Shider’s best-ever lead vocal, for one thing, plus the guitars are nuts and the lyrics are fantastic. 

2. “All Your Goodies Are Gone.” George first did this in a Northern Soul version with The Parliaments, but the Parliament version from ‘74 is out of this world. Possibly literally. It sounds like it’s beamed in from a distant star. A damn funky star.

3. “I Call My Baby Pussycat.” The P-Funk albums I fell in love with first were the early ones, so forgive me if these picks are kind of clustered there. This song features one of the most badass guitar intros ever—it sounds a little like 80s King Crimson a decade early. And then it shifts gears completely and becomes a strutting heavy funk tune with five great vocalists all taking their turns. 

4. “Super Stupid.” Man, forget about funky for a second, this band could get heavy when it wanted to. “Super Stupid” is the heaviest they got, and good god if it doesn’t just about out-Zep Led Zeppelin. 

As with King Crimson, we’ll round out a top ten: “March to the Witch’s Castle,” “Maggot Brain,” “Motor Booty Affair,” “Standing on the Verge of Getting It on,” “Music for My Mother,” “One Nation Under a Groove”