I was chatting with Michelle this morning about pop divas (because honestly, what else would we talk about? The Olympics? Paul Ryan?) and this idea bubbled up when discussing the oeuvre of Mariah Carey.Mariah Mount Rushmore would include “Always Be My Baby”, “Heartbreaker”, “We Belong Together”, and “Say Somethin’”. I’m feeling a little bored and I’d like to blow this up into a Tumblr-wide game if possible, so here it is: if you drop an artist in my askbox (or tweet at me, or email, or whatever else), I’ll give you my Mount Rushmore, a.k.a my four personal favourite songs. It doesn’t have to be limited to music, either: feel free to try a director/novelist/sports team/etc. and I’ll give the corresponding movies/books/players/etc. I’m flexible, and I’ll try to elaborate on my choices each time. OK, fire away!

I want to play! Let me play!

Having a slow day. Ask me some of these