U.K. Prog, Volume 2: 1968 Liftoff

Volume Two in our ongoing series of British progressive rock mixes. Notes to follow in a second post. Obtain it here

1. Pink Floyd: Let There Be More Light 5:39 
2. Them: Square Room 9:59
3. Gun: The Sad Saga of the Boy and the Bee 4:49
4. Family: Voyage 3:36
5. Caravan: Love Song with Flute 4:11
6/7. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Fanfare/Fire Poem/Fire 4:47
8. Giles, Giles & Fripp: Erudite Eyes 5:03
9. The Gods: Looking Glass 4:16
10/11. The Soft Machine: Why Am I So Short?/So Boot If At All 9:01
12. The Nice: Ars Longa Vita Brevis, 3rd Movement - Acceptance “Brandenburger” 4:44
13. The Moody Blues: House of Four Doors 4:13
14. Nirvana: Rainbow Chaser 2:40
15. Procol Harum: In Held ‘Twas I: a) Glimpses of Nirvana b) ’Twas Tea Time at the Circus c) In the Autumn of My Madness d) Look to Your Soul e) Grand Finale 17:30

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