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Jun 18


I got locked out of this Tumblr for the last few months. What’d I miss?

Mar 25

Mar 18

Anonymous said: Hi Joe - just gave you a shout-out on Twitter because I really liked your Tinariwen record review on Pitchfork from a few weeks ago. Check out my blog on international music: Sugar Knights (sugarknights-dot-net). I think we're into similar things. I used to work for a National Geographic world music television channel in Europe and helped set up a Nat Geo record label in the States a few years ago. Keep up the good work!

My god, the video and song in this post. So good.

olepbr said: Could you do a re-up of your stellar UK Prog series? Lost all the volumes, and the only one still available is 19.

Hi. This message is ancient, so sorry for that, but yes, a re-up is coming in April.

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